Friday, April 8, 2016

1899-1915 Composition Boy Doll

    This little angel face is an early composition doll.  His head is very heavy, which means he dates from 1899-1915.  He looks like a German doll, but there are no marks on him to identify the doll company that made him.  His body was filled with excelsior.

    His hands and face were the only things that needed to be restored.  His body was in good shape, and tightly packed with the excelsior.  He measures 20" tall.  He tends to be top heavy because his head is so heavy.

    I decided to give him a completely new look.  I removed the gown that he arrived in, making him a Victorian-style costume, based on the " Little Lord Fauntleroy"  fashion.

       Now, he is all dressed up properly.  His name is still being considered....Fritz....Ricky....?  That is still up for discussion.    I really think he has the face of an angel.  A very sweet little boy!

    Hope your weekend is heavenly.       Smile On!     Audrey

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