Wednesday, April 13, 2016

German Papier Mache Doll

   This is a" papier mache" doll, from Germany.  Her body, legs and arms are stuffed fabric.  She has little metal plates on the bottom of her feet.  The skirt, vest and blouse, were all handmade.  Someone added a cap of lace to her head.

   I am not sure how old she is.  The marks on the back of her neck looked like this, EdK #9.  She measures about 11" tall.

   She has such a lovely face, with just a tiny bit of rubbed away painted areas on her nose, and cheeks.

   When I removed her cap, it was quite apparent she was going to need a new wig.   Her clothes were soiled, and beyond repair.  However, I was able to save her skirt.  I washed and repaired it, and with a new fitting, it worked just fine.

   I painted her shoes on, the little flat metal pieces on the bottom of her feet, worked nicely for the sole of her shoes.  I made a new wig of mohair, adding the little pink roses to the new coiffed look.

   Painting the face, with acrylics, and sealing with a satin poly-, gives her a fresh look.  As this doll came from Germany, I decided on the name "Gretchen".

        "Guten Tag!"     (good day)...Smile On!       Audrey

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