Monday, April 4, 2016

The Garden House

    Sometime this winter, I purchased this little garden house.  The exterior was painted to look rustic.  My husband took out the glass panels and sanded off the rough paint.  He then replaced the glass, once I cleaned it of dust and extra paint.

   This little building measures 12 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" deep and 14" tall.

   The garden house was a joy to fill with plants, and gardening tools.  It sits in the dining room, on the breakfront.  Whenever I pass by, I have a glimpse of a lovely garden, pond included.

   I love how the doors open wide, and the little miniature garden area is reveled.  Let's take a closer look.

   The little pond needed some "hen and chick" plants added to the edges.  The little turtle is a tiny figure that has been living in my jewelry box since the mid-1960's, boy was he glad to finally have a watering hole!

    I made all of the potted plants, from bits of plastic plants.  I used paint on the white flowers to add different colors to the scene.

   Tiny bags of potting soil, tools, including a rake, and the hose to keep everything growing were little treasures I was able to find.

   Oh, yes....where there is greenery, there will be bugs!   Everything seems to be doing very well in my garden house.  Now, until spring finally arrives in the real world, I can at least look at my lovely little garden, right here in the house!  I hope you have enjoyed this little"green" tour!

                      Smile On!         Audrey

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