Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Two Old Boys From 1923 and 1935

   This doll is an old sweetie from  1923.  I know this because the little "cry-box" inside of him had that date on it.

   He measures a grand total of 24".  I had to replace his legs, as his were painted cloth, and were badly cracked.  He had these wonderful hands, and a sweet face that just needed some sprucing up.

     This old boy dates from around 1935.  He has open and shut tin eyes, and an open mouth.  His torso is rather slender compared to the more square figure of his little friend from 1924.
    The doll industry was and still is evolving, making improvements on the design of their dolls.

   This doll measures a full 26", and is lucky enough to have full arms and legs made of composition, as is his head.   He is stuffed with cotton.

   I just love his contented little smile.

     This is the little boy from 1923.  His new legs give him the ability to flex his knees, which makes him very, very happy!  I decided to name him Arthur, as this was the name on his noise box.

    Arthur now has taken up residence in the nursery with the rest of the dolls.  I am considering crocheting him a coon-skin hat!  Later this fall he will need one, according to him!

    This little man decided he wanted to be called, Rodger.  I think he thought he would be the last doll I would restore, he kept saying, "Rodger, and Out".......silly boy!

    Rodger has also taken up residence in the nursery.  He is quite content sitting next to a lovely little doll called, April.

    This is my 350th blog!  When I started this I had no idea where this would go...I really didn't think I had that much to share.  The fun of recording and sharing my art adventures here on this blog, has been a very "worldly" experience.   As of last count I have about 82 different countries that have visited my blog.

   I appreciate your interest and tagging along with me as I continue to "play" in my little art world.  Hope your day is a wonder-full experience!

                 Smile On!       Audrey

Monday, June 20, 2016

Restoration of a 1924 Composition Doll

   This little treasure, came all the way from New Jersey.  She was appropriately attired, in a time-worn coat and hat.  The black trim was all frayed and tattered, but it all kept her warm and toasty back in the chilly month of February.

       She dates from 1924.  After 92 years, she was very pale, and her eyes, made of an early plastic, looked very cloudy.  Her open mouth once had teeth, that thankfully were rattling around inside her head!

    I restored her head, and eyes.  Found that lovely set of front teeth, and put them back in place.  Her legs also needed to be restored, as well as her body.  The arms were in excellent shape, and only needed to be reattached to her new body.

    She is a big girl, measuring in at 26".  She is an armful to hug, and I find myself doing just that from time to time!  She just feels so good. There was no identifying mark on her, so I don't know who made her.  Her happy expression, and toothy smile, really makes her into a lovely baby girl!  She is wearing a vintage white baby dress, white long stockings that she brought with her, and sweet little shiny black shoes, that I bought at the second-hand store.

    I decided to name this little beauty after an aunt of mine.  Pauline.  Pauline was from the south, and always would say my uncle had "carried her to the store."   Which as a child, was rather confusing, my aunt Pauline, was not a small boned woman.  But, what a sweet soul she had!!

   I hope the pictures of Pauline, bring you a little joy today!!  

                           Smiles on Monday!!!                      Audrey

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Restored 1930-35 Composition Doll

   Here is a sweet old gal'  that came all the way from Michigan.  I restored her back in the dreary month of  March.  She arrived looking a little soiled, a broken body, and dislocated shoulders.

    Her head was in excellent shape, but needed a really good cleaning.  Her original color was good, but her eyes and lips needed to be touched up. 

She has a sweet little "Prairie" look going for her now.

   As you can see, Naomi's  face color is the original color, as well as her hair.  She probably dates from about 1930-1935.  She is a composition doll with a new cloth body.  She measures about 15", and has no identifying mark on her.

     I made Naomi her new little dress, and bonnet, with a matching pair of bloomers and shoes.   Everything is made out of this cute blue calico material.  

            Hope you are enjoying your summer!          Smile On!     Audrey

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hooray! It's June!

    In the month of May, I was enjoying all the wonders of our yard.  The lilacs were especially bountiful, and the fragrance was like a sweet nectar.

    June has arrived, and with it a brilliant sunny day!  I wander into the studio, and then back outside to enjoy the flowering, blooming gardens, leaving the studio behind.

   Ahhh...sweet summer.   I discovered these darling little "Johnny Jump Ups" growing in the yard, yesterday.  I quickly rescued them from the mower, and I couldn't resist sharing them with you!

    I am off to do some laundry and hang it outside on the line, I am hoping to gather as much of that fresh air as possible.   And tonight, rest my head, savoring summers gift!!

             I hope you can appreciate " the wonders of the green!"    Smile On!      Audrey