Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hooray! It's June!

    In the month of May, I was enjoying all the wonders of our yard.  The lilacs were especially bountiful, and the fragrance was like a sweet nectar.

    June has arrived, and with it a brilliant sunny day!  I wander into the studio, and then back outside to enjoy the flowering, blooming gardens, leaving the studio behind.

   Ahhh...sweet summer.   I discovered these darling little "Johnny Jump Ups" growing in the yard, yesterday.  I quickly rescued them from the mower, and I couldn't resist sharing them with you!

    I am off to do some laundry and hang it outside on the line, I am hoping to gather as much of that fresh air as possible.   And tonight, rest my head, savoring summers gift!!

             I hope you can appreciate " the wonders of the green!"    Smile On!      Audrey

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