Monday, June 20, 2016

Restoration of a 1924 Composition Doll

   This little treasure, came all the way from New Jersey.  She was appropriately attired, in a time-worn coat and hat.  The black trim was all frayed and tattered, but it all kept her warm and toasty back in the chilly month of February.

       She dates from 1924.  After 92 years, she was very pale, and her eyes, made of an early plastic, looked very cloudy.  Her open mouth once had teeth, that thankfully were rattling around inside her head!

    I restored her head, and eyes.  Found that lovely set of front teeth, and put them back in place.  Her legs also needed to be restored, as well as her body.  The arms were in excellent shape, and only needed to be reattached to her new body.

    She is a big girl, measuring in at 26".  She is an armful to hug, and I find myself doing just that from time to time!  She just feels so good. There was no identifying mark on her, so I don't know who made her.  Her happy expression, and toothy smile, really makes her into a lovely baby girl!  She is wearing a vintage white baby dress, white long stockings that she brought with her, and sweet little shiny black shoes, that I bought at the second-hand store.

    I decided to name this little beauty after an aunt of mine.  Pauline.  Pauline was from the south, and always would say my uncle had "carried her to the store."   Which as a child, was rather confusing, my aunt Pauline, was not a small boned woman.  But, what a sweet soul she had!!

   I hope the pictures of Pauline, bring you a little joy today!!  

                           Smiles on Monday!!!                      Audrey

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  1. Cute indeed. You'll have to tell me more of your Aunt Pauline :)