Thursday, June 9, 2016

Restored 1930-35 Composition Doll

   Here is a sweet old gal'  that came all the way from Michigan.  I restored her back in the dreary month of  March.  She arrived looking a little soiled, a broken body, and dislocated shoulders.

    Her head was in excellent shape, but needed a really good cleaning.  Her original color was good, but her eyes and lips needed to be touched up. 

She has a sweet little "Prairie" look going for her now.

   As you can see, Naomi's  face color is the original color, as well as her hair.  She probably dates from about 1930-1935.  She is a composition doll with a new cloth body.  She measures about 15", and has no identifying mark on her.

     I made Naomi her new little dress, and bonnet, with a matching pair of bloomers and shoes.   Everything is made out of this cute blue calico material.  

            Hope you are enjoying your summer!          Smile On!     Audrey

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