Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Room With Dolls

    Restoring dolls is a very interesting process.  Each doll I attempt to return from the abbess of the landfill, presents me with it's own particular problems.  The challenges have been quite extreme, to just a mere touch up of the eyes and lips, to a gaping hole in the head that needs to be mended, or missing limbs that need to be replaced.
    The next situation, as I acquire more and more of these little darlings, is where do I put them?  Luckily for me, there is a spare bedroom that provides the necessary space.  I call it, "The Nursery".

    Let's take a tour, and visit my restored doll collection.

    Before we go into the Nursery, we can take a peek at the Queen Anne, dollhouse.  The quilt under the dollhouse was made and quilted by my sister, Cora, many years ago.  The photo above the house is a picture of my Grandfather, Henry Proffit.  The photo was probably taken in the early 1900's.

    The basket holds two little reborn dolls, I purchased this spring.  They came from England, and required no repair or restoration.  My brand new dolls!!  Gwen and Grace.

The first thing you see in the Nursery is this old crib, filled with five of the restored dolls.

       My parents bought this crib in 1931, for my brother.  Twenty-two years later I came into the world, and slept in this crib, as well.  My two children slept in this crib, and my daughters' two children, also slept in this crib.  Many a little weary head rested in this crib through the years.  Several of my nieces and         
 nephews were encouraged to take their afternoon nap, so the women folk could play a game of Scrabble.  

        Now the dear old crib doesn't meet today's standards, but it provides a safe haven for the dolls.                                       

Let's take a "wander" around the room.  

My collection of restored "Century Dolls".

                                                                      The Boys!

     Well, as you can see the room is well populated!  

This wall has just enough room for the Glenn House.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour!

Smile On!        Audrey

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