Friday, July 22, 2016

German Papier-Mache Doll

    Welcome to the restoration story of a German doll.  This little worn out, man doll, has a papier-mache head, composition hands and shoes.  His body is stuffed with excelsior.  I am not sure about the date, could be around 1920-1930, I suppose.   He apparently was greatly loved, quite dirty and faded, as he looked.

   The stamp on his back, reads "Germany".   He could be a copy of a bisque or china headed doll.  The papier mache being less expensive, and more durable, became quite popular.   He measures 10" tall.

   Otto cleaned up nicely.   He insisted on a full dress uniform.  After a long period of time, "out of uniform", it only seemed right to oblige him.

    I thought maybe the ribbons on his wrists were a little over the top, however, Otto liked the way it all flashed about when he saluted.   His boots polished up, and he was quite pleased to see his reflection in them, winking at his new look!

   Such a handsome man!   Otto, hopes you have a safe and happy weekend!  He is looking for a parade to strut his stuff...oops, he just corrected me.  He wants to march proudly to the sound of a good drum beat.  

            Thanks for stopping in today!!                       Smile On!      Audrey

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