Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The One Hundredth Restored Doll!

    This little doll is a 1924, Petite American Character Doll.   It measures 12" and is a little brother to a larger doll I have in my restored collection.  That one measures 14".  The right hand is shaped to hold a bottle,  and the mouth is open.  The tin eyes open and close.

    The face of this doll looked pretty good, until I checked the back of the head.  There was a problem that needed to be resolved.

    I decided to remove the outer layer,  which then presented some more problems.  The composition under the first layer of paint, was not of the best quality.  I carried on, and did what I could to save the little fella'.

    From a distance he looks quite handsome, so, if I hold him at arms length, he looks...good.  I inserted a tiny bit of felt inside his head to make the  mouth more appealing, instead of a gaping hole.  The composition was rather rough; however, 92 years ago he was a pristine little tyke!

   I restored his little vintage nightie, and added ribbons to his booties, and the nightie needed more lace.

   My one-hundredth doll, now rests in the nursery, with his little blue blanket to keep the old boy comfortable.  I decided to call him Henry, after my Grandfather.

        Thanks for stopping in today!!    I will carry on, and restore!    Smile On!    Audrey

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