Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Art Journal

    This is another page from my art journal.  The house is a picture from one of my coloring books.  I extended the clouds and ground beyond the edges of the picture.  I added the "Home, Sweet, Sweet, Home", using different text.   I used the "joy ink" pens.  They are so smooth, and no sharpening required...who has time for that when you're in a creative mood.

                         Hope your day is smooth flowing!!      Smile On!        Audrey  : )

  PS:  Did you know if you click on the picture it will get bigger?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Doll Collecting

     OK, I have officially stepped into the world of doll collecting.  The little cloth doll is one that was given to me when I was a very little girl.  Zelta, was a gift from my Grandmother.  She has been freshened up, and still retains her colors pretty well, after 60+ years.

   The little darling that is holding her, is a reborn doll.  I purchased her this year, from an artist in Michigan.  The official name of this doll is Saskia, sculpted by Bonnie Brown.  Bonnie Brown has to be one of the best sculptors out there.  She sells the kits, other artists bring the dolls to life with special paints, and cloth bodies that are weighted to feel like a real baby.

   I renamed Saskia, so her name is "Sadie June".   She never fails to bring a smile to my face.  And, dear little Zelta reminds me to visit my  "little inner girl", from time to time.  Life is a lot less serious when your five!

                              Smile On!         Audrey

Friday, August 19, 2016


    Is this a cool quote, or what?   I just had to put pen to paper and draw it out in my art journal!

                 May your weekend be wonder-filled, and contentment your companion.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

DNA Art Project

    I sent in my DNA, and received a lengthy report on the different nationalities my ancestors bequeathed to me.  I have to admit, I was quite surprised by the results.
    Then, I wondered what I could creatively do with this information.  I love making interesting lettering projects.  Over the years I have collected many variations of the alphabet that I have done in my art journals.
     The various countries that were listed really intrigued me.  Here, is what I ended up with.

                                     From Western Europe, I have ancestors from these countries.

            And, from Eastern Europe, I was amazed at the migration of my ancestors.

             To complete the picture of my DNA, there is this information, Spanish?  Portugal? Wow!!

    Then, I decided to pull all of this information into one project.  I traced my hand and placed a flag from each country.  I used the colors from the flags to complete the background, surrounding my hand.

    I hope my family members who read this blog enjoy this information.  It was well worth the investment to send off the required money and a little "spit", to find out, just who am I?

               Do you hear the Olympic drums?   The parade of nations meant more to me, this year.

                                                   Smile On!        Audrey

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Little Composition Beauty

    Good Morning!  This is a little cutie, I purchased from New Mexico.  She measures a full 12".  There is no mark on this doll, dates from 1930-1940, I believe.  She is a full composition, 6 piece.

    I ended up disassembling her, and removing the outer layer of paint.  Taking away the entire surface, allowed me to remove all the cracks and flaws left by the aging process.

        Here she is all repainted and a coating of poly to protect the surface.  The outfit is a cute little crocheted sun-suit, that I made for her.

    Of course, no outfit is complete without a matching hat, and a gold ribbon.  This little beauty is called Marigold.

           Thanks for stopping in today!           Smile On!    Audrey

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Restoration of a Century Doll

    This is a "Century" doll.  She came with the top of her head missing.  I did some research, and  the head was cut open so that the eyes could be placed inside.  The eyes open and close, and are made of tin, with lashes.

   She measures about 20", and is one of the bigger dolls that I have from the Century Doll Company.  I adore her chunky legs.  Her arms and legs were all in such good shape I was able to clean them up, and leave them with the original surface.
    Someone wrote her name on her chest, it's rather hard to read in the photo, but it says, "Peggy May".

    Her mouth was open, her teeth were out of place, and the tongue was protruding in a sassy manner.  Someone had "messed" with her mouth, and left it needing some repair.  I had to remove the tongue, and create an enclosed mouth.

    Here she is restored.  I put her teeth back in their proper place.  I restored the top of her head, enclosing it once again.  The hot pink ribbon adds a splash of color to this old girl.

    It's difficult to tell where her head has been repaired, even with the ribbon removed.  Love her little curls.

    Her dress is made from a vintage ironing board cover.  I added lace and buttons.  She has a new white under slip and bloomers.  The shoes are vintage baby shoes with blue ribbons for laces.

    Peggy May is pretty, and has her head on straight, once again!!   Thanks for stopping in today, I hope your head is in a happy place today!  

                           Smile On!     Audrey