Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Doll Collecting

     OK, I have officially stepped into the world of doll collecting.  The little cloth doll is one that was given to me when I was a very little girl.  Zelta, was a gift from my Grandmother.  She has been freshened up, and still retains her colors pretty well, after 60+ years.

   The little darling that is holding her, is a reborn doll.  I purchased her this year, from an artist in Michigan.  The official name of this doll is Saskia, sculpted by Bonnie Brown.  Bonnie Brown has to be one of the best sculptors out there.  She sells the kits, other artists bring the dolls to life with special paints, and cloth bodies that are weighted to feel like a real baby.

   I renamed Saskia, so her name is "Sadie June".   She never fails to bring a smile to my face.  And, dear little Zelta reminds me to visit my  "little inner girl", from time to time.  Life is a lot less serious when your five!

                              Smile On!         Audrey

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