Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Restoration of a Century Doll

    This is a "Century" doll.  She came with the top of her head missing.  I did some research, and  the head was cut open so that the eyes could be placed inside.  The eyes open and close, and are made of tin, with lashes.

   She measures about 20", and is one of the bigger dolls that I have from the Century Doll Company.  I adore her chunky legs.  Her arms and legs were all in such good shape I was able to clean them up, and leave them with the original surface.
    Someone wrote her name on her chest, it's rather hard to read in the photo, but it says, "Peggy May".

    Her mouth was open, her teeth were out of place, and the tongue was protruding in a sassy manner.  Someone had "messed" with her mouth, and left it needing some repair.  I had to remove the tongue, and create an enclosed mouth.

    Here she is restored.  I put her teeth back in their proper place.  I restored the top of her head, enclosing it once again.  The hot pink ribbon adds a splash of color to this old girl.

    It's difficult to tell where her head has been repaired, even with the ribbon removed.  Love her little curls.

    Her dress is made from a vintage ironing board cover.  I added lace and buttons.  She has a new white under slip and bloomers.  The shoes are vintage baby shoes with blue ribbons for laces.

    Peggy May is pretty, and has her head on straight, once again!!   Thanks for stopping in today, I hope your head is in a happy place today!  

                           Smile On!     Audrey

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