Sunday, August 14, 2016

DNA Art Project

    I sent in my DNA, and received a lengthy report on the different nationalities my ancestors bequeathed to me.  I have to admit, I was quite surprised by the results.
    Then, I wondered what I could creatively do with this information.  I love making interesting lettering projects.  Over the years I have collected many variations of the alphabet that I have done in my art journals.
     The various countries that were listed really intrigued me.  Here, is what I ended up with.

                                     From Western Europe, I have ancestors from these countries.

            And, from Eastern Europe, I was amazed at the migration of my ancestors.

             To complete the picture of my DNA, there is this information, Spanish?  Portugal? Wow!!

    Then, I decided to pull all of this information into one project.  I traced my hand and placed a flag from each country.  I used the colors from the flags to complete the background, surrounding my hand.

    I hope my family members who read this blog enjoy this information.  It was well worth the investment to send off the required money and a little "spit", to find out, just who am I?

               Do you hear the Olympic drums?   The parade of nations meant more to me, this year.

                                                   Smile On!        Audrey

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