Thursday, September 29, 2016

Composition Doll: Sonja

   Good Morning!  This is Sonja, she is a restored composition doll.  She dates from 1920-1930's.  Sonja has a cloth body and legs. Her arms are 3/4 length composition, and so is her head.

   There is no manufacturing mark on her.  So she probably is not an expensive doll, but when she arrived she had the traces of being much loved.

   This is all 16" of her, in her natural state.  I love the way her feet are made.  The circle in her chest is the "ma-ma" noise box.  It no longer works, so I removed it to prevent any more rusting on to the fabric.

   I sanded her head and arms and reprinted them.  Her nose was slightly damaged, but still intact!

    Sonja has a sweet disposition, and a twinkle in her eyes once again.  The dress she wears is a vintage one, I washed and sewed it to fit her properly.

   Sonja is wearing a blue bonnet I crocheted for her.  It matches the blue boots I painted on her feet with  added  little heart decoration on the side of each shoe.   She has white bloomers on to keep her modesty.

    Sonja is named after one of my sister-in-laws.   A very kind and dear lady.

          Happy Thursday!   Let's watch October come sweeping in!      Smile On!    Audrey

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