Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trudy Doll 1946

    There are days like this.  When you just feel like you need a good cry.   However, this little doll has choices as to how she wants to face the day.  

   Sometimes she just needs a much needed nap!   When you're 70 years old, that could be just what is needed!  This little doll was made in 1946.  She is a "3-in-1 Trudy" doll.

   If you turn a knob on top of her head, she will show you this little smile, and a twinkle in her eyes!

    This little sweetie was in need of a make over.  A mechanical problem needed to be addressed with the mechanism that made her head turn smoothly to show the three expressions.

    A make-over, and a new hairdo, based on the character Pebbles from the Flintstones cartoon.  She also looks a little like Tinkerbell, now.   She is quite pleased with the "new" do!  Her costume is made from a pair of socks I bought on a whim, just because they were so cute, and fuzzy.  The socks make a cuddly outfit.

   Trudy still takes frequent naps, after all, she is 70 years old.   The woman that created her, an Elsie Gilbert,  designed this doll for a company called "Sleepy, Weepy, Smiley".  A trademark of Three in One Doll Corporation.  In this photo you can see the knob on top of her head that is used to turn the faces.  She measures 14" tall.

                                         Hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs!!

                                                                       Smile On!      Audrey

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