Friday, September 23, 2016

Vintage Baby Gowns

   Welcome to the nursery.  This is the room where I keep all of my restored dolls, reborns, and little orphans I have purchased at sales, and good-will shops.

   I recently decided to display the little white vintage baby dresses I have been acquiring.  I had seven of them in storage, waiting for the perfect dolls to use in the restoring process.  When I realized that they would make a nice showing, and then I could admire the little dears, too.

   Here are the five I have on this wall, behind the rocking chair.  They are made out of a soft some-what transparent fabric.  I put a paper slip under each one to help them hold their shape.

   They are all different styles, and have some lovely details, which are difficult to see in the photos.

   The one on the far left, has a smattering of embroidered flowers down the front, in pink and blue.

    Here are the other two dresses.  I am not sure when these dresses were popular.  1940's or 1950's would be my guess.  The one on the right is a very pale blue.  The little doll with the pink bow on the youth bed, is one of the lucky "restores" to be wearing a vintage dress and a sweater, too.

         As the weekend approaches, I hope you have time for rest, relaxing, and whatever your heart desires.
                                           Thanks for stopping in today!          :o)   Audrey


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