Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Doll Called Morris

    Ahhh...a sleeping baby.  Love the little "beefy" legs on this little boy.  This is a reborn doll.  Sculpted by Alicia Tonar.  She did a beautiful job capturing the girth and weight of a 4-6 month old baby.

   The doll is called "Morris", by the sculptor.   It was "reborn" by Angie Jones, from Tiny Tots Nursery.

   This little boy, measures 23", and weighs 6# and 9 oz.   I purchased him in June.  He has a serious expression and a slight indentation in his chin.

    I decided to call him Bentley Morris Williams.    He is the BMW of dolls, don't you think?  A very classy doll, and one great big arm full of cuddles!

    Bentley is getting that dreamy look in his eyes again.  Such a cute doll!!   He makes me smile, and that's all good, in my world!

                          Happy Wednesday!   May you share a hug with someone today.

                                      Smile On!       Audrey

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