Saturday, October 22, 2016

Miniature 1/12th River Boat

     I recently finished a big project.  With Ed's expertise in carpentry, we were finally able to take the project out on the river to see if it was going to float, or not.

   We built this from a bungalow kit, it's a 1/12th scale building.  We decided it would be fun to make a boat house.  It has one open room and a large porch.

   With each miniature project, there is a story to tell.  Ebeneezer and Florence are the owners of this old fashioned grocery/market.  They float down a meandering river, carrying fresh groceries to the inhabitants along the way.  Flo is an exceptional baker.  Eb loves to fish from the porch.  Their dog Skipper is a happy addition to their family.

   The fresh potatoes and flowered plants are waiting for the first customer.  Ebeneezer makes the baskets and sells them when the fish are not biting.  There are a lot of baskets, Eb hasn't had much luck with fishing. But, he is a persistent man!

   You can see the market is stocked full of all sorts of goodies.  Including the staples of life, oatmeal, bread, and fresh eggs.  The baskets of blueberries and cherries are really little beads.  The eggs in the basket and the oranges, potatoes, and apples were all made from paper clay.

   I am really grateful my husband was willing to build this river boat for me.  I had so much fun dressing it up, and prepping all the groceries and other necessities.

   It looks like Eb and Flo are ready to shove off, and get to the next landing, where there will be plenty of smiling customers!

     I hope your day is an easy going, meandering kind'a day!     Thanks for stopping in!

                                                   Smile On!        Audrey

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