Monday, October 10, 2016

The English Man

   This doll was listed as a conquistador.  However, I recognized his uniform as being English.  He is a representation of a Yeoman Warder.  The duties of the Yeomen is to guard the Tower of London.

   He measures about 13" tall.  And, probably was a souvenir someone purchased.  His uniform was quite soiled, and his ribbons on his shoes looked rather tattered.  He has no marks, so it's difficult to put a date on him.

   I washed the uniform, along with his red stockings.  The piece missing from his chest was once a crown.  I found some images of the original uniform on the internet, and purchased a button to replace it.

   This is the end result.  I added some gold trim to his belt and shoes.  Also, adding the gold trim to the cuffs of his uniform.  The ruffled collar was bleached and came back to a nice white color.  His shoes needed some repair as well.  He has a cloth body, and the proportions were perfect.

   The white beard didn't look right with his hair color.  It almost looked as if someone forgot to paint his beard, as it was painted very thin, like primer.  It was the only thing that needed some paint.  I painted it to match his hair color, and I think it makes him look quite handsome.

                                            Hmmmmmm...this man looks vaguely familiar.

                   Thanks for stopping in today!            Smile On!      Audrey

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