Friday, November 18, 2016

Banjo With Fan-tastic Possibilities!

   A spark, and then, nothing....the ceiling fan was done.  My handy-dandy man, quickly set to work and replaced the non-working fan.  Unknown to me, he had saved the shiny parts, and secretly worked on a project down in our basement.

   One day, he brought this little beauty up to the light of day.   A four string banjo.  The body is the broken fan.  He used a lovely red padauk for the fret board, and the center of the banjo.

    Isn't that a beautiful banjo?   It has a sweet twangy voice to match!  The padauk wood is one of his favorites to work with, it's such a gorgeous wood.

     I like the way Ed made the upper part of the fret board.  Using the gold-brass tuners, with the black knobs in this hollowed-out area is really nicely done!  The length of the instrument is 37 1/2".  The body is 12" across.

          It's good to have a husband who can see the possibilities, and make such a pretty instrument!

                          Hope your Thanksgiving is a Feast of Goodness!!!

                                             Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, November 3, 2016

1/12th Scale Wooden Furniture Kit

       Last Christmas I received a wooden kit, to build a set of nursery furniture in 1/12th scale.  After some thought, research, and color choices were done, I built the set, and then let the ideas fall into place.


      I painted the furniture all this lovely chocolate brown, and accented with a silver metallic pen, where it was needed.  I decided on the pink, and added tiny pink flowers.                                                         

It was a fun project, and I am happy with the results.  Now, I just need a tiny nursery!

I hope you have a comfortable weekend coming up!

Thanks for the thoughtful Christmas gift, Ray!

Smile On!!        Audrey