Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Four Cloth Dolls

                     Today, I would like to show you some cloth dolls I have recently made.

      This is Ricky.   He is an all cloth doll.  I painted him with three layers of gesso, and sanded between each layer.  Then, I painted with acrylic paint.  I made him a new flannel sleeper, and a crocheted bunting to keep him toasty.  He is about 12" long.  He was a blank canvas, just a little muslin face-less doll.   I purchased him at a second hand store.

                                      Here he is in his cloth diaper.  He is a real boy!

                  I sprayed him with a sealer.  He is a collector doll, not really "play" safe.

    This is Tulip.  She is an all cloth doll, measuring 18" tall.  I used the same process on this doll as I did on Ricky.  The dress and bonnet are crocheted, with a fabric slip underneath.  I painted little antique button shoes on her feet.


       Tulip was a pre-made purchased doll.  She was well made, reasonably priced  and adequately stuffed.   This is what she looked like before I started  on the little cutie.  My husband came up with the name suits her.

    This doll is a "Mary Chase" doll.  I found the pattern for this doll in a magazine.  She is also all cloth, and painted like the previous dolls.  I crocheted her bonnet.  The dress was a hand-me-down, from another doll.  I added the lace, roses, and the apron to fuss it up a little.

    This doll was a find at an antique shop.  She was a cloth body with porcelain head, hands and feet. Unfortunately, her head was broken.   Major migraine, with no hope of recovery.  The head you see in the photo is made of cloth, and painted.  She just needed to have a good head on her shoulders.  I added a wig. and a pretty dress I purchased from a lady at the Farmers Market.  She had so many cute dresses for the 18" dolls.  It fit perfectly.

    She loves her little porcelain doll.  It came with her, and needed no mending, just a little cleaning.

       That catches me up on all of my cloth dolls, except for one more...maybe another time.

                       Thanks for stopping in today.       Smile On!    Audrey 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monster High Lagoona Blue

    Here is a Monster High doll I purchased from my local Good Will store a few weeks ago.  She was made by Mattel 2008.  She stands 11" tall.  Fully articulated, delightful to pose.  But, what a mess.  She had obviously seen some good "play" days.

   Her name is Lagoona Blue.  (I did not make that up).  The Monster High dolls all have very clever names, and a lineage as well.  Lagoona is missing some fins that were attached to the back of her legs.  The shoes were also missing, 

   She had a typical expression on her face for a Monster High doll.  Lovely green eyes and a tiny nose.  The pink lip color matched her outfit.  Her hand is a clear-blue color with webbing between her fingers.  I didn't change her face until after I decided to make her a crocheted costume.

    I removed her make-up, and gave her a new look.  More expressive, and a little more sass.

   Lagoona is holding her favorite sea shell in her right hand.  There is also a shell and a rose in her hair.   After a little hair "treatment", I was able to get the tangles out of her hair.  She insisted on pearl earrings, and gold bangles on her wrist.  She still has green eyes.

  Oh dear,  Laggona's father has stopped by.  He is always making sure his daughter shares the stage with him.   He is an old movie star.  "The Creature From The Black Lagoon", was his moment in the movie world.   Some of the Monster High dolls have famous fathers.  Lagoonas' is known as "The Creature".

                                                                   "Really Dad?"

                  Is he smiling?     Difficult to smile with gills.....Smile On!       Audrey

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bratz Restored A -Z

               I would like to share with you the last group of Bratz dolls I've recently restored.


                                                           Before and After

            This is Unice, Wilma and Valarie.   The dress on Unice is a crocheted combo, and the vest that Valarie is wearing is also crocheted.   Little Wilma is wearing her own clothes.  They are made so tiny.  I can't believe they are made by a human do they do that?



    These three are Xenia, Yvonne and Zoe.  I have reached my goal of 26 girl Bratz rescued, now.

    This is what 26 Bratz..(Kinder Kidz) looks like all together.  If you click on the photo it will enlarge so you can see them better.  I started with the first one named Angela, then Bailey, and Carmella.   I won't bore you with the rest of the names.  I did end up using some of my relatives names.  Not because the dolls look like them, but just because they have lovely names.

       The doll on the far left is wearing a crocheted "hippy" tunic, (I use to have one like that).  The doll in the center is wearing a Bratz winter outfit.  Sometimes, their original clothes can still look quite appropriate.  The doll on the right has a crocheted dress, I made for her.  The variegated thread is so pretty, and her shoes match it perfectly.

    I decided to display all of the girls, and the 5 boy dolls in the studio.  I purchased a clear plastic shoe holder.  It works perfectly.

                                   All neatly displayed, and in alphabetical order...tee-hee.

                       Thanks for stopping in today.  May you have a "Kinder" kind of day.

                                                   Smile On!          Audrey

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lizzy's New Winter Dress

                                               Good Day To You!

    In my last blog, I shared some photos' of "Lizzy".  She is a reborn toddler doll.  I want to show you the dress we chose for her to wear.   It's a rather big deal, because it isn't something that happens very often.  I am a seasonal "change up" the dresses, sort of person.

                                           Oh, dear.  Lizzy is in one of those silly moods.

                     That's a little better, but we still can't see your cute dress and sweater outfit.
                                           Let me get your hair out of your eye....

                                                         That's better, you little cutie.

                                   Lizzy is proud of her winter dress.  It will keep her toasty.

              Lizzy really likes her pink ribbon in her hair.  Who said redheads can't wear pink?

                                    I hope you have a good day.  Thanks for stopping in.
                                                  Smile On!         


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Blossom and Jack O'Lantern

  It's time for Blossom and Jack to say good-bye.  Lizzy is thinking about it, and it makes her sad.

           "How come, say bye-bye?"  Lizzy asked.  I responded with, "Halloween is over."

              "They will come and visit again, next year, will be ok."  I reassured her.

                          "Let's go upstairs and see if we can find a pretty dress for you."

                                                      "Pretty dress?"  Lizzzie asked.

      With a little distraction, Blossom and Jack the crocheted pumpkin people were happy to return to their storage space.  Lizzie and I went upstairs to look through her dresses.

     Lizzie is a reborn toddler doll.  I purchased her on October 17, 2016.  She hails from Canada.  Her full name is Elizabeth Anne.  She weighs 10# and is 26" tall.  Her reborn artist was Lisa Boily, and the sculptor of this little cutie is Jenny de Lange.

     She reminds me of  "Pippie-Longstocking", one of my favorite childhood book characters.

               Thanks for stopping in today!       Smile On!        Audrey

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Addison's Friend From Kenya

     In my last blog I shared a photo of this doll with Addison.  She is a "Kenya's World LLC" doll.
Dated 2012, standing at 14" tall.  She came with her original dress, but no shoes. 

     Her dress was worn and a bit tattered.  In her hair are some lovely tiny braids, and then it was just  overly stressed.  The condition of this doll was really quite good.  I purchased her from Good Will.

     I cleaned and restyled the hair, I trimmed it, too.  It's a lovely head of hair.   I crocheted her dress, and added a little crocheted flower to her head. 

     I did some research, and found the name, "Jamani".  It means friend in Kenya.  She has lovely brown stationary eyes.  Addison and Jamani, have become good friends.  I have them sitting on the cupboard in my studio.   Such a pair of cuties!

               They both want to wish you a Happy Halloween.     Smile On!  Audrey

                                            I purchased this little cutie, many years ago.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Best Friends Club" Addison

    I am writing this blog using another computer.  I hope there are not to many changes or variations in how this comes out.  It looks quite different from this side of the program.  Keeping my fingers crossed, preferably not while I am typing.  But, in between writing and thinking about what to write.  Fingers crossed.....

  This  "Little Miss Mess" arrived via ebay last month.  She is 18" tall.  Addison is from the "Best Friends Club" series.  Made by MGA In 2009.    She is vinyl (plastic) and fully jointed.

    Her hair was a frightful mess.  I washed it with dish soap, and used a hot water treatment to help disentangle it.  This was some information I found on the internet about restoring dolls hair from the 80's and 90's and into the 2000's.   It took quite a lot of combing and brushing.
    I also did some research on this type of doll, and found the hair is a chronic problem, as are the joints.  Her arms and legs were very loose.  Difficult for the poor girl to hold a pose.

    Here is Addison.  All clean and freshened up.  Her hair was pulled up into this "up-do", and then I trimmed it.  She has the loveliest eyes, and a sweet smile.  Because her joints are so loose, I purchased this wheelchair for her.  She looks comfortable.  The outfit is a generic, "American Girl".  The shirt says, "Best Friends Forever".  Seems quite appropriate.

         Addison's little friend was another rescue doll.  I will tell her story next time.

                                      Smile On!          Audrey

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Decorating With Monster High Dolls

    Today, I would like to share with you some new/used dolls I purchased to decorate for the Halloween festivities.   I found eight of the Monster High dolls at a Good Will store.  And, they were a real bargain.

    The doll on the top shelf is "Howleen", and the one on the bottom shelf is "Toralei" the cat.

   The two dolls on the top shelf of the right side of the cupboard are;  another "Howleen", and the one next to her is, "Abbey Bominable", she has the ice blue boots on.  The doll on the lower shelf is "Luna Mothews".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Here are a few close-up photos.



I had a few extra dolls to place out in the porch.

 This is Cleo De Nile.

This is Scarah Screams.

This lovely green lady is Venus McFly Trap.

It's been fun seeing and learning about these dolls.  
They were made by Mattel, and date from 2008-2011.

They are very easy to pose, and they have expressive little hands.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Smile On