Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 1964!

                                                                   Happy Holidays! 

                       This is a photo of me, introducing my new Barbie, to my new Ken doll.

   That's my Dad at the card-table working on his Christmas puzzle.  He was given a new puzzle every Christmas.  He could spend hours working on it.

                                Ken and Barbie, celebrating their 53rd  Anniversary!

   Both of them are still looking pretty good.  Ken has a little less hair (paint).  Barbie's make-up could use a little touch-up, and she wears her original swimsuit.  Not many women can do that!

    They have their bags packed.  Looks like Barbie and Ken want to do some traveling in the days ahead.    I wonder what 2018 will bring their way?   

                                                         Smile On!         Audrey

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Krista the Crocheted Lady

   Good Morning!  I want to introduce you to "Krista the Lady of Crochet".  She started out as an exercise in how to crochet a doll.  She turned out to be 21" tall.  Pretend studded diamond earrings, and plastic brown eyes, were added.

   It turns out she had a story to tell, about her life as a movie actress.  She insisted I recreate her wardrobe that she claimed she had worn in her pictures.

    She was quite convincing as a Southern Belle, with a very distinct southern accent.  The ringlets were added to the bonnet, to make it appear she had long hair.

   She collects old quilts, and attends shows whenever she can.  Usually dressed in this costume.
She adores the way her skirt and petticoat swish into a room.  Krista loves making an entrance.

                                                     "I am a STAR."  Wherever she goes.

   Krista also played an airplane pilot, during WWII.  There was one stunt she did all on her own.

                                                  She had to bail out, with no parachute!

                                                          It was truly terrifying!

                      Luckily, the script was written to give her a safe landing on a cushy knoll,
                                                          next to a lovely stream.

                                       Lucky for her, she's made of yarn, and some stuffing!

                              While she rested on the soft ground, she had a dream sequence.
              She dreamed of a special day in her past, before the war broke out, when she felt
                                                           truly safe and loved.

                                                                 Her wedding day.

                          Unfortunately, as in most gripping movies, the groom did not make it.
        And, that's why Krista's character joined the military to find a purpose for her existence.

        After the shooting of a movie, Krista can always be found in a warm tropical place.  She rests, attempts to get a tan, and reads scripts to decide what movie she should star in next.

                                        Krista and I want to send you a "Happy Holidays".
               I was just told that Krista hopes to be featured again in my blog.  Forever looking
          for an opportunity to strut her stuff.  Well, she is a "star".
                            Merry Christmas!   And a Happy New Year to You and Yours!
                                                         Smile On!               Audrey

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tulips Face Job

    Zowie!   What was I thinking when I painted this face on that tiny head?  Sometimes I need to redo a project.  I posted this little cloth doll back on November 15th with some other cloth dolls I had made.  I named her Tulip, and crocheted a bonnet and dress for her.

   Tulip was resting in the nursery with all the other dolls.  Whenever I saw her, she seemed to remind me of a Bratz doll, only "I" did the "over the top make-up" on her.   The paint job isn't to bad, just too big for that face!  Poor Tulip.
   I brought her back into the studio and toned down that garish look she had.

             Now, Tulip has a pleasant "little" smile.  Innocent brown eyes and blushing cheeks.

            Tulip and I are happy with the results, she loves being an ordinary plain little doll.

                                                           Smile On!          Audrey

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rosie O'Donnell: Celebrity Doll

   A few weeks ago, I was looking in my favorite second hand shop.  I found this doll.  I recognized her right away.

   Rosie O'Donnell had a major accident with a blue ink pen.  And, she was a little over dressed for a regular kind of day.  I applied a treatment gel for acne.  I read this somewhere on the internet.  The acne medicine must contain benzoylo and peroxide in order to fade ink on vinyl.  It was also suggested to leave the doll in bright sunshine.

   Northern Wisconsin lacks sunshine this time of year.  So, I applied the treatment and put the doll under a lamp.  After several applications, Rosie started to look pretty good.

   I found a Barbie dress at Walmart, that was meant for the curvy Barbie.  Fits Rosie just fine, and it came with a pair of glasses!

                                It just goes to show you, you never know who you're going to see
                         at your local second hand shop.

                                                         I love this more casual outfit.

                                                          Thanks for stopping in today.   
                                                              Smile On!     Audrey

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tiny Little Bratz'

    This rag-tag bunch of Bratz, came in an ebay package.  They were mixed in with a bunch of  Bratz of various sizes.  This group is about 4" tall.  How do they make those teenie-tiny jeans?

  I decided to clean them up, and redress them.  I attempted to see if I could paint new faces on the boys.  I rather "de-glammed" them.

     I didn't make the girls over.  Left their glamorous faces alone.  At only 4" tall, they were just too tiny to redo. 

                                   They are all dressed in comfy clothes, and look adorable.

                                 I hope you have a comfy day.       Smile On.           Audrey


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Batik Baby Doll Quilt

    This is my reborn doll, called Merindah.  She is an aboriginal doll, and her name means "beautiful".   The batik quilt I made for her measures; 22" x 30".  It has fleece in a pale pink for the back of it.  I tied it with some thick crochet thread.

                                                I love the bright colors of these batiks!

    Merindah is a reborn sculpt by Alicia Toner.   Alicia also did the painting of this little lovely doll.  She measures 16" long, and is considered a preemie.  She weighs less then 4 lbs.  The hair is a wonderful rooted black fiber, very realistic on this little cutie.   She is number 164 of 165.

                                                    Sssshhhhh..sweet dreams .

                                                         Smile On!     Audrey


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter Wonderland with Kinder Kidz

   Winter has arrived, here in northern Wisconsin.  The landscape is a tapestry of white lace.  The trees are dressed, and the shrubbery takes on a frothy loveliness.

   For the month of December, I would like to share some festive projects I have in mind.  Today, I will start with some photos' of some Bratz dolls that I have transformed into Kinder Kidz.

                                      This is Noel, and Carol.  They are the 34th and 35th
                                 rescued Bratz I have transformed.  I crocheted their little
                                 dresses, and Noels, hat.  Carols hair-do was fun to create.

                                                          I hope you have a good day.

                                                              Smile On!        Audrey

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three Bratz Turn Into Friends

   Three more rescued little Bratz, passed through my studio.  This group was fun.  They all have original clothes on.  The roller skates were a bonus in some other stuff I purchased on ebay.

    The blond one on the right, had a haircut.  Rather a lopsided one, I trimmed it up into this "chopped" look.  It seems to suit her. 
    I named these three: Joni, Josie, and Benita (Ben).

                                   Ben and Josie are watching Joni be adventurous, again.

                                                   Josie extends a helping hand if needed.


                                    Joni is no quitter!   This time she tries it with her shades on.

                               Joni can really skate now!  Ben and Josie don't mention that she is
                          holding on to the wall for support.   They happily cheer her on!!



       Hope you have a good day, pretend your skating through it....Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Frank and His Bratz Bride

    I had some fun with this pair of Bratz.  The girl had this head full of white and black hair.  Giving her a different look.  The boy doll had a really cool flat-top hair style. 

    From the back you can see her hair is really a mess!  Everything else was fine, except some little marks on her face.  He was in good shape.

                                            I decided they needed to be a "famous couple".

   I removed their faces as I have with other Bratz.  Redid their facial expressions so they would look like Frankenstein and His Bride.

          Looking into one each others' eyes, they mutually was love at first sight!

                                                Oh-oh...looks like their first disagreement. 

                                              Listening is the key to any good relationship.

                                                         Happy Together, Again!

                                Hope you have a wonderful day!      Smile On!      Audrey