Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blog #400

    Have you ever looked closely at the "weed", Creeping Charlie?    It has delightful little purple flowers.  The leaves are edged in a deeper purple, and their scalloped edges remind me of lace.  I am appreciating the extraordinary tiniest plants that come, now that summer has arrived!

   I am closing my blog today.  I have enjoyed writing this blog and sharing with my family and friends.  Now, it's time to explore some different avenues on the road to creativity.

                  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.     Smile On!       Audrey

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Two 4-String Octagon Banjos'

    Two more octagon banjos came from the work shop!   Ed created these two beauties.  They are
both 4-string, and tuned to DGBD.    They each have a 26 1/4" scale fret board.

    One of them has a paduke fret board, and old time-e fiberskyn head.  The octagon is made out of maple.

    This banjo's fret board is made from purple heart, and the 8" head has a new shiny look.   The octagon is also made from maple wood.

                                           Sweet sounds come from these two sweeties!

                                                         Thanks for stopping in today!

                                                           Smile On!       Audrey

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Big Dragon Head Banjo

    The music man in my life has been very busy creating a new banjo.  This one is a 4 string, with a 13" head.

   The head has an oriental dragon design on it.   The rim is made from maple, and this was my husband's first attempt at bending the wood for the instrument.   The fret board is made from purple heart,with the open hole for the tuners to be placed in.

                                  The maple and the purple heart look really good together.

                                              Here is a close-up of the dragon design.

    This banjo is tuned to DGBD, and the fret board is 26 1/4" scale.    It has an unusually good sound.

                            Thanks for stopping in today!      Summer Is On!          Audrey

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Bisque Doll Called Maggie May

   This little gal came with a set of very bad shoulders.  She is 7" tall, and dates from 1920 (?).  The mark on the back of this sweet darling is JAPAN.

   Maggie May needed a warm cloth to clean her bisque.  As you can see in the picture above, her shoulders are not there.   Instead, her arms are simply sewn to her body.  

    After cleaning her bisque, I decided to leave the original body, just strengthened the fabric on her arms and body, with some extra stuffing and paint.

    Her hair was sculpted with some lovely curls, that even extended to the back of her head.  The bows added a nice touch to her hair style, too.

    When I finished cleaning and restoring  this doll, I mentioned to my daughter that this doll had bad shoulders.  She quickly remarked, "Just like me!"   "You should name her after me," she said.

   Maggie May needed lavender ribbons and a lovely crocheted dress.   The hardest part was making the dress fit properly with "no shoulders".  It all worked out, however.
   My daughter, appreciates having a doll named after her.  Brown hair and brown eyes, on both Maggie's.

       Hope your Saturday is going well!!          Smile On!          Audrey

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dolly Dimples Restored

    Dolly Dimples was an adorable character created by Grace Drayton.  The character was used in a syndicated newspaper, then as a popular paper doll called, Dolly Dingle.

     Eventually, in 1905 Grace Drayton sold the image of Dolly Dingle to the Campbell Soup Company.   The image of the  "Campbell Soup Kid", became an American Icon for many years.

    I purchased this little 7 1/2" doll last January, and just recently restored her.  She dates from around 1910.  The doll is made of a composition of sawdust and glue, poured into a mold and formed.  The upper part of her body is a muslin fabric, stuffed with excelsior or "straw".

    There were over 500,000 Campbell Soup Kid dolls made in the early 1900's.   In the 1950's there was a revival of them to celebrate 50 years with the famous soup company.   On pinterest there  is a  great deal of images of these famous kids!

     I enjoyed restoring this little sweetie.   I took the liberty of painting her little toe nails a lovely shade of pink to match her new dress!    It's so m-m-m good, to finally add her to my collection.

                                           Smile On!             Audrey  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Buster Brown Shoes Mascot

     This little bisque doll is the mascot for the Buster Brown Shoe Company.  He stands 2 3/4" tall.

         On the back of him is displayed "Buster Brown Shoes".   Originally he was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard F. Outcault.   The shoe company adopted this little guy in 1904.

    I discovered I had purchased a box with Buster Brown baby shoes in it, several years ago.   It was interesting to see the way the company used the image on their products.

                                                      I did restore the little Buster.

                        Buster made his first appearance in the New York Herald on May 4, 1902.

                                   Read the comics may get a little chuckle!

                                                    Smile On!                Audrey

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Doll: Made In Occupied Japan

    This little 5 1/4" doll, is a 5 piece bisque.  She is marked "Mada In Occupied Japan", the word  "made" is misspelled on her back.  This dates the doll between 1946-1955.

  She is wearing a formed hat, and a lovely curl turns down her forehead.  Her dress was a handmade one, and was a sign that someone loved her.

   She cleaned up very nicely.  I adore that little hat!   Turned out she had stylish shoes with little socks, and not really big black boots.  I crocheted the mint green dress for her, and added a black ribbon.

    She looked quite French to me, so I named her "Mimi".   Once again, she is loved.

           Thanks for stopping in today!                     Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bisque Doll 1920-1930

      This little bisque doll was "Made In Japan", according to the mark on her back side.  She is a big girl totaling a grand 4 1/2".

    Someone attempted to restring her with a heavy elastic, that protrudes from her shoulders.  She also needed a good cleaning, coming from somewhere between 1920-1930.   So, I set to work.

    After her restoration, I crocheted this little blue dress for her.  Tiny dresses are so much fun to make.


                    She has pretty blue eyes and a blue ribbon.  I decided to call her 'Delta Dawn'.

                                Hope your day is going well!            Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Schoenhut Doll Restoration

    I found a Schoenut doll!  A wooden doll, with compressed metal spring joints.  She is 14" tall, and dates from 1911.   She was in a terrible state, and needed to be restored as soon as possible.

        Her age was showing.  But, she warmed up to the camera and decided to stretch her limbs.

      For a doll that is 105 years old, she was beginning to feel younger, as we discussed her restoration process.  This was going to be totally different from any of the other dolls I have restored so far.

                         She leaned in a little closer to the camera, and said, "I am so ready!"

  Leslie, decided on a short hair style, rather then a wig.  She wanted a totally new and fresh look.

           Leslie and I hope your day is marvelous!!           Smile On!        Audrey

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Restoration of a Doll Called Frankenstein

      I purchased this doll one year ago.  He arrived in a kimono, with a black skirt attached.  His left foot was held together with a rubber band.  On closer examination, he had the wrong legs!  His arms were to short, and his head had taken some blows sometime on his life journey.
      It was that adorable smile, that sold me on investing in him.  Unfortunately it took sometime to find the correct legs for him.

      The nick name "Baby Frankenstein", started to stick.  He just smiled through it all, a real little trooper!  

   I restored his head to this point, and just let the project wait...until about a month ago.  Almost a year from when I purchased him, I finally found an appropriate pair of baby legs.  I made a pattern from his cloth body, and sewed together a new body.   Frankenstein was on his way to a new life!

      I dropped the name Frankenstein, and now I call him "Baby Frank-ee".   He is one happy little guy!

                                            Here he is ready for the baseball season to begin!

                           I hope you have a good day!           Smile On!     Audrey

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thirteen Restored Penny Dolls

    One day, several weeks ago I ordered a group of tiny bisque dolls.  There were 13 of  them.  Some of them were in such a deteriorated state I wasn't able to identify them.  I love a challenge!

    The little girl with her arms off, is 4" tall.  The building or hut(?) is 1 1/2" tall.  The figure next to the building is 3 1/2" tall.  He turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  I thought he was a bear.  the littlest doll is just about 2" tall.  He was listed as a troll.

    The little girl doll, has acquired a lovely little crocheted dress, since this photo.  The hut has a nice antiqued color added.  And, the pig turned out to be a "Walt Disney" figure.  He has a scar on his tummy that I couldn't mend, so I turned it into a tiny blue butterfly.  He looks a lot more cheerful, now!   The troll turned out to be Santa, with his sack of toys.

    This group of bisque figures was another fun challenge.   The little boy on the right, has a delightful surprise!

      The bowl on top of his head is hollow.  You pour water into it, and he can take a little wee-wee!!
   This is the last group of the 13, I received.  The little figure in the middle is a high gloss porcelain, she didn't need any repair, just a good  cleaning.

    The rabbit had a lump on the side of his head, I quickly discovered it was his ribbon!  The little man in the suit is from Germany, and is 2 1/4" tall.

             I hope you have a good day!    Thanks for stopping in!       : )   Audrey