Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A German Porcelain Doll

      Last summer, in the heat of August, this little doll arrived as a birthday gift.    She is an 18" tall porcelain    Her head and arms were in relatively good condition. Her chest plate had a broken piece, but the piece was taped on.  And, the right arm was detached from her full leather body.

     This dear lady was originally from Germany.  She was made by Heinrich Handwerck between 1876-1932.  Her wig was missing, and her glass eyes were in need of some cleaning.

    I made her wig, from a mohair product, and she is wearing a vintage doll dress.  With a few alterations the dress fit her very nicely.

    I added pink ribbon and black lace to extend the sleeves.  With some new black buttons to replace the missing ones, she is truly, "all dolled up!"   With black stockings and new bloomers, she was ready for her name.   I decided to call her "Colleen".  

    Although, I was concerned about taking on a porcelain doll, she wasn't so badly broken that she was beyond repair.   Colleen is standing in front of the Queen Anne dolls house.  It is one of her favorite places to visit, as she likes peering into the fancy rooms.

                      Thanks for stopping in today!        Smile On!         Audrey

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