Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bisque Babies

                The three dolls I want to share with you today, are quite common in the bisque world.

                       This one is 6" tall, all bisque, with movable arms.  Known as a three-piece.

            After restoration, and a new crocheted dress, she was ready to be named, "Felicia".

         This one suffered some damage, and was given different arms along the way.

   This doll, measures 7" and, is also a three piece, bisque.    After restoration, I made her a new crocheted dress, with a matching green collar and red bow.  She is called "Ginger".

    This one is 8 1/2" tall.  She is in really good condition.  She just needed a warm bath.

                                     I decided to call this one"Blondie", after my mother-in-law.  

    I have attempted some research into when and where these dolls were created, and by who.  It seems they have many names, Google-eyes, Carnival Dolls, Cupids, Flappers, etc.    One thing I find, is that they are adorable little dolls.  

   The two top dolls, are marked Japan.  The little blond is unmarked.  They could date from 1920-1950.

           I hope you enjoyed the "before and after" photos of these little cuties.

                                           Smile On!          Audrey

Thursday, February 23, 2017

1/12th Scale River Boat

    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.......

    Last October, Ed and I built this little riverboat.   It measures 24" long, 12 1/2" wide and about 12" high.  We bought the kit, and assembled it.  It's a one room, with a lovely porch.   Making this little building into a riverboat, was Ed's idea.  He added the pontoons, and built the building.  I helped a little, by holding things in place.   Meanwhile, I imagined what the riverboat could be, and decided on a traveling grocery-market.

    Come on board.  Let's take a look around.  Ebeneezer, and his lovely wife Florence, are the proud owners of this little establishment.   They have spent their long married life, traveling up and down the river, providing supplies to the local river folks.

    The door is open, and their dog, "River Rat", will give you a happy greeting.  Looks like Eb has been busy making baskets to sell.  There are tomato plants growing, ready for sale in the little white tub.  Oh yes, there are some potatoes in the crate.  Fresh from the garden.

                         The store is well supplied with many items.  Including fresh picked berries!

              There is a nice assortment of cakes and cookies, that Flo has baked, for this river trip.

                        The place has a nice homey feel.  And, the oranges are free to the kiddies!

         Looks like Ebeneezer, is going to do some fishing, when they head down the river.

                                                            Thanks for stopping in today!

                                                               Smile On!     Audrey

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bespectacled " Down on His Luck" Doll

   Sometimes, a doll comes into my world looking as if their luck had really run out on them.  So, was the case with this old fella'.

     He had lost his head some where in his past life.  And, needing some TLC.   I discovered he was made from a paper product of some sort.  It looked like a mixture of paper and plaster.   He measures about 4 1/4".   There are no marks on him, so I don't know his country of origin.

      Now he looks as if he won the lottery!   I decided to go with sunglasses.  He looks quite pleased with himself, don't you think?    I used acrylic paints, which worked really nicely on the dapper little man!

                         This bespectacled man, is known about town as, " Mr. I. M. Lucky"

                                          Smile On!        Audrey  : )

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Bisque 5" Boy

    This little 5" bisque boy, turned out to be a diamond in the rough.  After a warm sudsy bath, and a good scrubbing with a soft tooth brush   He was ready for a new life.

   On his back there is a mark stating "Made In Japan".   He needed to be restrung, as the wire was quite old and brittle.   He dates from 1910-1930.   I am guessing closer to 1910.

    He is completely restored.  And, even his eye-sight improved, so he no longer needs glasses!  I crocheted his little green "jeans", and his little yellow hat.   I decided to call him "Guy".  

                     Happy Valentines Day..you sweet wonderful people!!     Smile On!    Audrey

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Penny Dolls

     I have found several more Penny Dolls.   It's been fun bringing color back to the little figures.

                       These little cuties all measure 3 3/4".  They are made of stone bisque.

    The little girl holding a puppy, leans a little to her right.  The sailor boy is now holding a letter, stamped and ready to be sent to his "sweetie".  The little girl on the other side, is dealing with a skirt that is being lifted by a cool summer breeze.

                                                     Then I found these little cuties, too!

   The one on the left is holding a rose.  The little sweetie in the middle is holding her dolly.  And, the one on the right is holding a book.   They are also 3 3/4" tall, and made of stone bisque.

   I think they cleaned up real sweet!    These dolls all date from 1920-1930.  They all have a mark that states they were "Made in Japan".   Restoring color to the little dolls is a satisfying process, and I can easily finish one or two in a days time.  I clean them, add color, and spray them with a protective satin poly.

         Thanks for stopping in today!!     Penny for your thoughts!  ; )        Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Penny Dolls

     I have been working with these tiny little 2 5/8" tall dolls.  They are made of stone bisque, and come from Japan.  They were made around 1920-1930.  They are called "Penny Dolls".

    This little boy has a night cap on his head, and a faint color of blue on his feet.  I gave him a nice warm sudsy bath, and restrung his wonky arms.

     Here he is with color added, and his facial features restore.  The little girl needed the same treatment, and insisted on having some color added to her cheeks.

    This pair looked like twins, with their arms restrung, and color added.  Only one of them had any color left to show me what the hair color, once was.   They are so cute!

    Once I finished with the restoration, I decided to try and make them little crochet clothes.  The little boy with the green cap looks as though he just stepped out of the shower.  The twins turned out to be a girl and boy.  The little brunette looks fabulous in her new pink dress.

                           I hope you are feeling "in the pink", today!       Smile On!     Audrey

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hair Loop Composition Doll 1920's

    This doll is an unmarked "hair loop", type.  The hair is formed to place a ribbon through the loop.  You could change her hair ribbon to match her outfits.  This little beauty caught my eye, with her tin "sleep" eyes and sweet little cupid lips!    She stands 26" tall.

   She came with a few issues.  A broken shoulder, and 90+ years of dirt and grim.  The paint flaked and peeling, needed to be completely removed from her head, arms, and legs.  Luckily, the composition was in good shape, and needed very little patching.

        The fabric used for her body was very thin, and needed to be replaced.  Using her original body for a pattern, I made her a new one.

    The restoration complete!  Last summer, I found a vintage doll dress with a blue under-slip, at a Farmer's Market in Minnesota.  It was meant for this doll, I think!

   The pink ribbon in her hair loop adds a nice feminine touch!  I added the red rose to her dress, and I sculpted socks and shoes on her feet.  It's always difficult to find vintage doll shoes.

    I decided to name her "Amy Jean".   "Amy", for a niece of mine, who just happens to have beautiful red hair!   And, "Jean", after a high school friend of mine.  "Amy Jean" is standing with the aid of a doll stand that Ed, my husband, built for another doll.  That didn't work out, but it sure works for "Amy Jean"!!

     The doll restoration process is still intriguing, and recently I restored a tiny 2 3/4" tall bisque doll.  The variety and history of the dolls, leaves many adventures to discover!

                                 I hope your day is filled with sunshine!      Smile On!     Audrey