Thursday, February 23, 2017

1/12th Scale River Boat

    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.......

    Last October, Ed and I built this little riverboat.   It measures 24" long, 12 1/2" wide and about 12" high.  We bought the kit, and assembled it.  It's a one room, with a lovely porch.   Making this little building into a riverboat, was Ed's idea.  He added the pontoons, and built the building.  I helped a little, by holding things in place.   Meanwhile, I imagined what the riverboat could be, and decided on a traveling grocery-market.

    Come on board.  Let's take a look around.  Ebeneezer, and his lovely wife Florence, are the proud owners of this little establishment.   They have spent their long married life, traveling up and down the river, providing supplies to the local river folks.

    The door is open, and their dog, "River Rat", will give you a happy greeting.  Looks like Eb has been busy making baskets to sell.  There are tomato plants growing, ready for sale in the little white tub.  Oh yes, there are some potatoes in the crate.  Fresh from the garden.

                         The store is well supplied with many items.  Including fresh picked berries!

              There is a nice assortment of cakes and cookies, that Flo has baked, for this river trip.

                        The place has a nice homey feel.  And, the oranges are free to the kiddies!

         Looks like Ebeneezer, is going to do some fishing, when they head down the river.

                                                            Thanks for stopping in today!

                                                               Smile On!     Audrey

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