Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bespectacled " Down on His Luck" Doll

   Sometimes, a doll comes into my world looking as if their luck had really run out on them.  So, was the case with this old fella'.

     He had lost his head some where in his past life.  And, needing some TLC.   I discovered he was made from a paper product of some sort.  It looked like a mixture of paper and plaster.   He measures about 4 1/4".   There are no marks on him, so I don't know his country of origin.

      Now he looks as if he won the lottery!   I decided to go with sunglasses.  He looks quite pleased with himself, don't you think?    I used acrylic paints, which worked really nicely on the dapper little man!

                         This bespectacled man, is known about town as, " Mr. I. M. Lucky"

                                          Smile On!        Audrey  : )

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