Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bisque Babies

                The three dolls I want to share with you today, are quite common in the bisque world.

                       This one is 6" tall, all bisque, with movable arms.  Known as a three-piece.

            After restoration, and a new crocheted dress, she was ready to be named, "Felicia".

         This one suffered some damage, and was given different arms along the way.

   This doll, measures 7" and, is also a three piece, bisque.    After restoration, I made her a new crocheted dress, with a matching green collar and red bow.  She is called "Ginger".

    This one is 8 1/2" tall.  She is in really good condition.  She just needed a warm bath.

                                     I decided to call this one"Blondie", after my mother-in-law.  

    I have attempted some research into when and where these dolls were created, and by who.  It seems they have many names, Google-eyes, Carnival Dolls, Cupids, Flappers, etc.    One thing I find, is that they are adorable little dolls.  

   The two top dolls, are marked Japan.  The little blond is unmarked.  They could date from 1920-1950.

           I hope you enjoyed the "before and after" photos of these little cuties.

                                           Smile On!          Audrey