Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hair Loop Composition Doll 1920's

    This doll is an unmarked "hair loop", type.  The hair is formed to place a ribbon through the loop.  You could change her hair ribbon to match her outfits.  This little beauty caught my eye, with her tin "sleep" eyes and sweet little cupid lips!    She stands 26" tall.

   She came with a few issues.  A broken shoulder, and 90+ years of dirt and grim.  The paint flaked and peeling, needed to be completely removed from her head, arms, and legs.  Luckily, the composition was in good shape, and needed very little patching.

        The fabric used for her body was very thin, and needed to be replaced.  Using her original body for a pattern, I made her a new one.

    The restoration complete!  Last summer, I found a vintage doll dress with a blue under-slip, at a Farmer's Market in Minnesota.  It was meant for this doll, I think!

   The pink ribbon in her hair loop adds a nice feminine touch!  I added the red rose to her dress, and I sculpted socks and shoes on her feet.  It's always difficult to find vintage doll shoes.

    I decided to name her "Amy Jean".   "Amy", for a niece of mine, who just happens to have beautiful red hair!   And, "Jean", after a high school friend of mine.  "Amy Jean" is standing with the aid of a doll stand that Ed, my husband, built for another doll.  That didn't work out, but it sure works for "Amy Jean"!!

     The doll restoration process is still intriguing, and recently I restored a tiny 2 3/4" tall bisque doll.  The variety and history of the dolls, leaves many adventures to discover!

                                 I hope your day is filled with sunshine!      Smile On!     Audrey

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