Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Bisque 5" Boy

    This little 5" bisque boy, turned out to be a diamond in the rough.  After a warm sudsy bath, and a good scrubbing with a soft tooth brush   He was ready for a new life.

   On his back there is a mark stating "Made In Japan".   He needed to be restrung, as the wire was quite old and brittle.   He dates from 1910-1930.   I am guessing closer to 1910.

    He is completely restored.  And, even his eye-sight improved, so he no longer needs glasses!  I crocheted his little green "jeans", and his little yellow hat.   I decided to call him "Guy".  

                     Happy Valentines Day..you sweet wonderful people!!     Smile On!    Audrey

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