Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Penny Dolls

     I have been working with these tiny little 2 5/8" tall dolls.  They are made of stone bisque, and come from Japan.  They were made around 1920-1930.  They are called "Penny Dolls".

    This little boy has a night cap on his head, and a faint color of blue on his feet.  I gave him a nice warm sudsy bath, and restrung his wonky arms.

     Here he is with color added, and his facial features restore.  The little girl needed the same treatment, and insisted on having some color added to her cheeks.

    This pair looked like twins, with their arms restrung, and color added.  Only one of them had any color left to show me what the hair color, once was.   They are so cute!

    Once I finished with the restoration, I decided to try and make them little crochet clothes.  The little boy with the green cap looks as though he just stepped out of the shower.  The twins turned out to be a girl and boy.  The little brunette looks fabulous in her new pink dress.

                           I hope you are feeling "in the pink", today!       Smile On!     Audrey

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