Saturday, March 4, 2017

5 Penny Dolls and One Chair

                          I purchased this group of interesting little dolls, and a chair the other day.
      Cleaned them up, and discovered some interesting details.  The tallest measures about 2 1/4".

    The doll holding a sailboat stands next to a comic character.  He has a copyright symbol, and the letters FAS on his back.  The little boy with the red tie, also has the same mark on his back.  I intend to do some research and find out who they are.  They must have been popular in their day...newspaper comics?
   The littlest doll, measuring 1 1/2" tall, is a real cutie from Germany.  The man in the suit, cleaned up very nicely.  Measuring just a little over 2".  He is from Japan.

    The little white chair is porcelain, I just removed what was left of the gold trim, leaving it all white once again.  It sure is fun bringing the little dolls back to color!

            Hope your Saturday, is sunny and fun-filled!         Smile On!      Audrey

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