Tuesday, March 14, 2017

8" Bisque Doll

    This bisque doll was made in Japan.  She dates from the early 1900's.  The molded hair, and display of teeth were very well defined.    Over the years she had lost her coloring, and had a broken left shoulder.

    Her little belly button, big girl legs, and molded socks with Mary Jane shoes, were all in good condition.  No chips or cracks.  The hands were nearly perfect, except on her right hand was missing the upper part of the index finger.
    She also needed to be restrung.    I was hoping for the best, as I gave her a nice warm sponge bath, and repaired her left shoulder.

                                   I gave her brown hair, and crocheted a little dress for her.

    I decided to name her, "Sheila".  I knew a Sheila, a quiet little girl with brown hair, and beautiful eyes.

            I hope you have a wonderful day!   Find something beautiful..and smile!             Audrey        

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