Saturday, March 25, 2017

Restoration of a Doll Called Frankenstein

      I purchased this doll one year ago.  He arrived in a kimono, with a black skirt attached.  His left foot was held together with a rubber band.  On closer examination, he had the wrong legs!  His arms were to short, and his head had taken some blows sometime on his life journey.
      It was that adorable smile, that sold me on investing in him.  Unfortunately it took sometime to find the correct legs for him.

      The nick name "Baby Frankenstein", started to stick.  He just smiled through it all, a real little trooper!  

   I restored his head to this point, and just let the project wait...until about a month ago.  Almost a year from when I purchased him, I finally found an appropriate pair of baby legs.  I made a pattern from his cloth body, and sewed together a new body.   Frankenstein was on his way to a new life!

      I dropped the name Frankenstein, and now I call him "Baby Frank-ee".   He is one happy little guy!

                                            Here he is ready for the baseball season to begin!

                           I hope you have a good day!           Smile On!     Audrey

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