Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dolly Dimples Restored

    Dolly Dimples was an adorable character created by Grace Drayton.  The character was used in a syndicated newspaper, then as a popular paper doll called, Dolly Dingle.

     Eventually, in 1905 Grace Drayton sold the image of Dolly Dingle to the Campbell Soup Company.   The image of the  "Campbell Soup Kid", became an American Icon for many years.

    I purchased this little 7 1/2" doll last January, and just recently restored her.  She dates from around 1910.  The doll is made of a composition of sawdust and glue, poured into a mold and formed.  The upper part of her body is a muslin fabric, stuffed with excelsior or "straw".

    There were over 500,000 Campbell Soup Kid dolls made in the early 1900's.   In the 1950's there was a revival of them to celebrate 50 years with the famous soup company.   On pinterest there  is a  great deal of images of these famous kids!

     I enjoyed restoring this little sweetie.   I took the liberty of painting her little toe nails a lovely shade of pink to match her new dress!    It's so m-m-m good, to finally add her to my collection.

                                           Smile On!             Audrey  

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